Webinar recording: How Preemptive PGx Accelerates Personalized Therapies and Reduces Health Disparities for Minorities

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Webinar recording: How Preemptive PGx Accelerates Personalized Therapies and Reduces Health Disparities for Minorities



Webinar Summary:

Health disparities exist among various ethnicity groups in the United States, with differences observed in disease prevalence, mortality, and medication responses. Together with multiple social-economic factors, genetic variations contribute to the variability across the populations. Pharmacogenomics (PGx) is the study on how genetics explains the individual’s variabilities in responses to medications. Despite the tremendous progress made in PGx research in the past decades, most of the studies have been conducted mainly on population of European descent. Recently, considerable attention has focused on advancing our understanding of how PGx can be used to address health disparities. This is also highlighted by an FDA draft guidance to address the issue of lack of diversity in clinical trials. Increasing ethnic diversity in research and clinical trials is an important step to close the health disparity in personalized medicine. The presentation will review current approaches for PGx testing, different approaches to and infrastructure needs for implementation. We will also discuss the advantages and how to overcome the challenges of conducting high-throughput comprehensive PGx testing in order to accelerate ethnicity-unbiased personalized therapies and reduce health disparities among populations.

Ulrich Broeckel, MD – Founder & Chief Executive Officer

About Speaker

Ulrich Broeckel, MD, is a leading physician-scientist with over 20 years of experience in translational genomics research, and clinical diagnostics. He is an expert in translational genomics research and is a member of the Clinical Pharmacogenetics Implementation Consortium (CPIC). He also serves as a Professor of Pediatrics and the Section Chief of Genomic Pediatrics at the Medical College of Wisconsin, WI. Dr. Broeckel founded the RPRD Diagnostics in 2017, with the vision to provide accessible and affordable inclusive preemptive PGx solutions to transform healthcare and improve lives.

PGx testing for all ethnicities

Not all PGx tests are created the same. Why is it important to have PGx testing that is developed  with all ethnicities in mind?

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