Whole Pharmacogenomics Scan (WPS)

DNA strand for Precision Medicine

Whole Pharmacogenomics Scan (WPS)

Make precision medicine part of your practice

Elevate Standard of Care with Preemptive Pharmacogenomics (PGx) Testing

Whole Pharmacogenomics Scan (WPS®) is the most comprehensive, customizable, and scalable preemptive PGx test which can analyze nearly all actionable pharmacogenetic genes of a patient with a single, one-time test.1

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Multiple genes may affect the response of a drug and each gene/drug combination has a different level of evidence and actionability.

We guide our customers to integrate the correct level of PGx information that meets their system’s needs and provides actionable clinical value to their patients.


  • Provides deep coverage of genetic variants, including many rare alleles that are not identified by most other assays with analysis of duplications/deletions, complex structural arrangements, and copy number information.
  • Leads to more accurate and precise genotyping/ phenotyping of each PGx gene, including complex genes, such as CYP2D6
  • Enables the detection of many rare genotypes which is critical when diagnosing patients from diverse populations

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WPS customers can build their unique precision medicine program by beginning with one or multiple medical conditions or focusing on a particular group of patients. WPS knowledge base can be expanded to meet additional medical conditions and patient groups as the program grows.

By creating a patient’s PGx database, WPS enables continuous re-analysis of a patient’s PGx profile and updates clinical recommendations as new clinical guidelines and evidence become available to guide choice of medications and dosing.

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Customers can choose the genes/drugs combinations that provide the best value to their patients with WPS four-tier system.

We work closely with each customer to create a customized clinical report that best aligns with their medical practice and also adjust the clinical report as their teams and practices evolve.

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Instituting WPS preemptive testing

  • Allows patient’s PGx profile to be available before clinical decisions are made regarding future medications
  • Informs potentially life-threatening decisions regarding best treatment options
  • Is cost effective since one test can potentially meet a patient’s life-long PGx needs
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Case example

A leading U.S. pediatric hospital:

  • Utilizing preemptive PGx for patient care using WPS and its predecessor since 20119,10
  • Nearly 4,500 patients have benefited from the program as of November 201811

Keys To Successful WPS Implementation9

  • Get institutional support
  • Partner with a knowledgeable clinical laboratory
  • Develop a process to manage any incidental findings
  • Develop a strategy to educate clinicians and patients
  • Develop a process to return results
  • Extensive use of informatics, especially clinical decision support, integrated to EHR
Keys to Implementing WPS

WPS gene/drug pairs with Clinical Evidence

Would you like to find out what genes are included in the WPS testing? Please search the gene or drug of interest using our WPS gene/drug evidence database.

WPS genes and alleles

WPS offers deep coverage of genetic variants, including rare alleles and analysis of duplications/deletions, complex structural arrangements, and copy number information.

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*Individualized clinical reports are available when the electronic version of the patient’s medication list is provided.