How to Order Tests

DNA strand for Precision Medicine

How to Order Tests

Clinical Diagnostic Samples?

All tests for clinical diagnostic purposes need to be ordered by a licensed healthcare provider or a genetic counselor. Please see the specimen requirement and shipping instructions in the Test Requisition Form. If you choose the insurance billing payment or patient self-pay option, please contact us to establish the process.

New Customer?

If this is the first time you are sending a sample for testing at RPRD, we appreciate your trust and we are committed to doing our best to make sure all your inquiries are answered prior to the reporting test results.

If you choose to bill through institution (fee-for-service), please fill out our Customer Onboarding Form. The form will inform us about your point of contact, invoicing instructions, and payment process so that we can complete your order according to your preference. After you have filled your form, please email the form to us. An RPRD representative will contact you to set up a HIPPA-compliant results transfer process to transmit patient test results and the clinical reports.

Please see Billing Information if you would like to learn more about the payment options. Please contact us to establish the ordering process.


Download and complete the Test Requisition Form (TRF).


Collect patient specimen according to the specimen instructions on the TRF. Ship samples with the completed TRF to RPRD Diagnostics, 1225 Discovery Parkway, Ste. 260, Milwaukee, WI 53226, USA.

We also offer remote sample collection at the patient’s home. Please click here for more details.


All samples are processed in RPRD’s own CLIA-certified laboratory, to ensure the highest test quality. Test results are reported Monday through Friday.


Patient test results and clinical reports are transmitted to customers using a HIPPA-compliant transfer process, established during the new customer on-boarding process.

Patients self collect sample at home

As going to a clinic or physician’s office to collect sample may be challenging to some patients in today’s world, RPRD offers sample self-collection option, so that patient can collect the sample from the comfort and privacy of their own home, with no extra cost.

Specimen Requirements for Diagnostic Samples

TestsWhole bloodSalivaBuccal swabgenomic DNAFresh frozen tissueOtherTypical turnaround time
WPSAcceptedAcceptedAcceptedContact usNot acceptedContact us2-3 weeks
CNT/NT panel and NUDT15 testAcceptedAcceptedNot acceptedContact usNot acceptedContact us3-5 days
CYP2C19AcceptedAcceptedAcceptedContact usNot acceptedContact us1-3 days
Psych HealthPGx PanelAcceptedAcceptedAcceptedContact usNot acceptedContact us2-3 weeks
Precision HealthPGx PanelAcceptedAcceptedAcceptedContact usNot acceptedContact us2-3 weeks
Whole BloodCollect 3-5ml of peripheral whole blood in EDTA tube. Specimens with <3ml will be considered "precious" and processed with no guarantee of results. Blood sample may be rejected if frozen, hemolyzed, or clotted.
SalivaCollect using Oragene Dx (ORD-500) DNA collection kit according to manufacturer's instructions.
Buccal swabCollect using Copan hDNAFree FLOQSwabs (Cat# 50E010D01) or IsoHelix RapiDri Buccal swab with self-drying pouch (Cat# RD-01) according to manufacturer’s instructions.
Genomic DNAPlease contact us first for processing of genomic DNA (gDNA) specimen. Specimens will be assessed by standard quality assurance (QA) methods. Additional information and/or material maybe requested if QA standards are not met.

Academic Research Project?

As an organization that is deeply rooted in academic research, RPRD is fully committed to supporting academic research for the advancement of precision medicine. We provide clinical diagnostic-grade testing at special academic pricing. Our scientists at RPRD are dedicated to providing unparalleled support services to help research investigators achieve their goals. Please contact us to discuss the details.


Drug R&D and Clinical Trial Projects?

If you would like to process samples for drug R&D and clinical trials, we would like to hear about your project. Please contact us directly to discuss the details.


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We answer the most frequently asked questions regarding ordering.

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