In-depth data analysis and interpretation

DNA strand for Precision Medicine

In-depth data analysis and interpretation

Translating pharmacogenomics data into clinical insights

Our team of experts, including the scientists, clinical geneticists and bioinformaticians have nearly 20 years of experience deciphering genetic codes and translating the complex genomics information into clinical insights as part of the drug development process. The valuable PGx insights may guide clinical trial design and reduce complexity of the drug discovery process.

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Custom analysis and interpretation

We provide in-depth data analysis, custom interpretation and end-to-end consultation throughout the drug development process, including preclinical study, early phase clinical trials, later phase clinical trials, and post-market drug life cycle management. Collaboratively, we help our drug development partners answer important questions, such as

  • Genetic interpretation of variation in Pharmacokinetics (PK)
  • Genetic analysis for inter-individual variability in drug response
  • Genetic analysis of lack of efficacy
  • Genetic analysis of occurrence of adverse reactions and toxicity
  • How to identify/enrich responders in the later phases using genetic information
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Custom PGx solution

RPRD’s experience in precision medicine and its CLIA-certified laboratory offer tailored PGx solutions to meet your unique needs.

pharmacoscan solution

Comprehensive analysis of known PGx markers in a single assay for clinical trials