Billing Information

Billing Information

Currently, we bill a referring provider’s institution directly for all clinical testing. Typically, an invoice will be sent to the ordering institution on the month following a patient’s sample being processed and reported. The institution can expect a cumulative invoice of all patients whose samples were processed during the previous month. The invoice will be sent to the e-mail list provided on the Customer Onboarding Application. 

We do not provide direct-to-payer or direct-to-patient billing services. However, our CNT and NT Panel test is covered by Medicare. Please email us for more information.

CPT and DEX codes for billing purposes

CPT and Z Codes

New Customer?

If this is the first time you are sending a sample for testing at RPRD, we appreciate your trust and we are committed to trying our best to make sure all your questions are answered prior to the test results being reported.

To speed up the ordering process, please fill out our Customer Onboarding Application. The application will inform us about your point of contact, invoicing instructions, and payment process so that we can fulfill your order according to your preferences. Please email us your completed application form.

Still have questions about billing? Please visit our FAQ page or contact us.