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OUR TEAM has over a decade of experience in clinical diagnostic and pharmacogenetic testing. Through long-standing collaborations with leaders in the field of genetic analysis, we have established the infrastructure to provide a suite of flexible, innovative testing platforms spanning targeted panels, comprehensive pharmacogenetics, EMR integration, and clinical interpretation.

OUR PLATFORMS test across genes from ADME, CPIC, PGRN, and additional industry-relevant targets. PharmacoScan™ is a new clinical testing platform from Affymetrix, which offers the most cost-effective and comprehensive single pharmacogenetic assay on the market. Standard genotyping and next-generation sequencing complete our test offerings.


Arraying oligonucleotide probes on glass slides revolutionized biology and medicine. Today it is possible to scan millions of gene features in parallel.


Specialized enzymes in the liver that process drugs vary between individuals. The safety and efficacy of drugs depends upon patient genetics.

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