Provider FAQ.

Genetic variations in the population cause differences in the way patients respond to medications. In some cases, patients with rare variants can have serious adverse events caused by specific drugs. At other times there are many drugs to choose from and it is difficult to discern the best course of treatment. Prescribing the right drug for a given patient is aided by knowledge about the genetics of that individual, however this is rarely done in practice due to the narrow scope and high costs of current tests. Our solution is to offer cost-effective comprehensive pharmacogenetic (PGx) analysis integrated with electronic health record (EHR) decision support.

What types of genetic testing do you offer providers?

We specialize in comprehensive PGx analysis. Our PharmacoScan™ service analyzes over 5000 genes and 18000 gene variants. Additionally, for certain commonly utilized PGx tests, we offer unique panels that expand the test to be inclusive of novel variants which impact drug safety or efficacy. For example, our TPMT-Plus™ Panels extend the widely used thiopurine methyltransferase (TPMT) test to include NUDT15-mediated thiopurine sensitivity and/or CEP72-mediated vincristine sensitivity. 

Why should providers consider your services?

Our company is science-driven, built upon decades of experience and the latest advances in precision medicine. We enable providers to acquire comprehensive PGx data that can benefit patients throughout their lifetime, and reduce healthcare costs. Our business model is to make all of this data available to the healthcare provider in a format that is readily usable for rapid decision support.

How does a provider order your tests?

Visit our Test Menu page for a summary of our current PGx test offering. At the top of this page is a downloadable Test Requisition Form (TRF).