Pharmacogenomics guide for patients

Pharmacogenomics guide for patients

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Not every medication works for everyone. Many people experience severe side effects, no response to treatments or life-threatening drug toxicities. Traditionally, the physicians use trial-and-error method to determine the most effective treatment. At times this led to adverse drug events, prolonged therapy, and increased mortality.

Comprehensive Pharmacogenomics Profiling

Pharmacogenomics (PGx) testing looks for the presence of commonly occurring differences or known DNA variants. These variants have shown to affect how a body metabolizes and removes certain medications. The PGx test result may help your healthcare provider choose the right treatments and appropriate dose for you. This has the potential to guide appropriate treatment, reduce severe side effects, and improve drug benefit and safety. Your genetic make-up does not change over time. Therefore, a comprehensive PGx test could potentially meet your life-long PGx needs.

Personalize the therapy

RPRD’s complete PGx testing portfolio provides powerful tools for the healthcare providers to predict drug efficacy and metabolism for individual patient, and therefore make personalized prescription decisions. Our PGx solution aims to:

  • Improve drug efficacy
  • Reduce ADRs
  • Reduce hospitalization and ER visits
  • Lower mortality rate
  • Improve drug adherence

Our tests are developed by the academic physician scientists and implemented in the world leading hospitals, such as St Jude Children’s Research Hospital and Boston Children Hospital to help the patients.


Our PGx solutions are developed based on the globally endorsed clinical guidelines and FDA’s recommendations.


Our PGx testing covers a broad range of DNA variants, including not only common, but also rare and ethnicity-specific variants. Since overlooking these rare or ethnicity-specific DNA variants could miss clinically important information, the broad coverage generate highly accurate test results for every patient.

Comprehensive Pharmacogenomics Solutions
Test namesWho can benefit from the test?
Precision HealthPGx Panel The patients with comorbidities or undergoing multiple treatments
Whole Pharmacogenomics Scan (WPS)The patients who like to have a complete PGx profile using a “one and done” test

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How is the PGx testing done?

Our PGx tests are all clinical-grade tests and therefore need to be ordered and interpreted by your treating physicians or other fully licensed healthcare providers. Your physician may collect your blood sample at the clinic and send it over to our lab or you may choose to collect your saliva or buccal swab sample at home.


Your blood, saliva or buccal swab sample is sent to RPRD.


Our lab extracts the DNA from your sample.


We use special tools to identify the PGx-relevant DNA variants that may affect how your body responds to certain medications.


We prepare the clinical report based on the test results and deliver the report to your healthcare provider.

How is my privacy protected?

We understand that medical information about you and your health is private. We are committed to protecting your Personal Health Information (PHI) by complying with all laws that apply to our business, including but not limited to, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). We will never sell or otherwise use your DNA information without your explicit consent.

We do not sell or otherwise use your genetic sample or data without your explicit consent. Your sample will be destroyed upon written request, or as required by state law and/or overseeing accreditation program.

In the future, some of these gene differences already discovered in individuals may be linked to other drug responses. Also, since genes are inherited from your parents, PGx test results may be important for knowing clinical status of other family members such as biologic brothers, sisters and parents who may have one or more of the same genetic variants. You may would like to consult your physicians or genetic counselors if you have any concerns about your genetic results.

Affordable Self-pay Option

If you are interested in pursuing RPRD’s PGx test but your physician does not have established work relationship with RPRD yet, we offer the affordable self-pay options.

Please contact us or call +1 (414) 316-3097 for more detail.