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DNA strand for Precision Medicine

News and Press Releases

Thermo Fisher Scientific Enables Preemptive Pharmacogenomic Screening Research with New PharmacoScan Solution

To meet the growing demand for preemptive pharmacogenomic risk factor screening that may one day aid drug prescription practices, Thermo Fisher Scientific today introduced PharmacoScan Solution, a new microarray-based research tool that contains pharmacogenomic content with relevant markers involved in absorption, distribution, metabolism and excretion (ADME) pathways of commonly prescribed medicines.

RPRD Diagnostics Launches to Bring Comprehensive Pharmacogenetics Testing to Routine Clinical Practice

RPRD (Right Person Right Drug) Diagnostics today announced its founding as a spin-off from the Medical College of Wisconsin (MCW). As a precision medicine company, RPRD Diagnostics is focused on providing comprehensive pharmacogenetics testing services, which analyze patients’ genomes for variations that are known to impact drug safety and efficacy, in a CLIA-certified lab.