Our Pledge

At RPRD, we believe in order to achieve our mission to improve patients’ lives, we have the social responsibilities to protect our environment in all aspects of our business.

When it comes to solving big challenges, it always takes bold innovations, nimble mindset, and most importantly, team efforts.

Therefore, as a team, we are inspired to take bold, broad and scientific-based approaches to operating our business more sustainably.

Our Sustainability Goals

In 2021, we start implementing a 3-Year strategy to achieve our sustainability goals:


  • My Green Lab Platinum Certificate by 2023


  • My Green Lab Green Certificate by 2024
UW Milwaukee Innovation Accelerator

We are proud to be located at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee Innovation Accelerator, a sustainable project that received the LEED New Construction Silver Certificate 2009.


Sustainable sourcing and recycling

We focus our efforts on sourcing renewable materials wherever we can and recycling as much as we can, in all aspects of our business.