Science-Driven Innovations

Enabling precision medicine today, accelerating personalized therapies for tomorrow.
Pharmacogenomics and Precision Medicine

Science-Driven Innovations

Enabling precision medicine today, accelerating personalized therapies for tomorrow.

Complete pharmacogenomics testing portfolio

As the leader in pharmacogenomics (PGx), RPRD offers a complete portfolio of leading-edge testing and supporting services. Whether you are looking for a Whole Pharmacogenomics Scan that analyzes nearly all the actionable PGx genetic variants, a customized PGx panel, a focused diagnostic panel that guides patient-specific treatment modalities, or a sequencing service on various next-generation sequencing (NGS) platforms, we are the right partner for you.

Pharmacogenomics Testing in CLIA Laboratory

Unlock The Power of Science

Science is in our DNA. Our state-of-the-art testing and supporting services were developed after decades of scientific research and clinical experience in precision medicine by our founder, Dr. Ulrich Broeckel, and his team.

While at the forefront of innovative PGx solutions, we continue to advance scientific research and clinical breakthroughs by collaborating with like-minded scientists and clinicians who also believe in the power of PGx. Please contact us for potential research collaboration.

Scientist Testing with PharmacoScan Platform


End-to-end solutions to enable precision medicine

We leverage advanced technologies and our decades-long experience in genetics research to bring pharmacogenetics into the mainstream. We empower clinicians with complete solutions, so they can focus on providing better care for their patients.

Evidence-based high-quality solutions

Our PGx solutions are formulated based on the latest clinical practice guidelines, which are supported by rigorous peer-reviewed clinical and scientific evidence.

Genetics in Drug Responses


Our drug development partners trust our academic excellence and decades of scientific research experience in genetics and the impact of genetics on drug responses. Through our continued research in modern technologies and drug R&D, we help our partners pursue personalized therapies to achieve better care for tomorrow.

PGx TestimonialMy team and I are very proud of the tests we offer because they are developed using strong peer-reviewed scientific evidence and the industry’s highest standards. The tests are highly accurate, actionable and ethnicity-unbiased, as they investigate both common and rare variants, and our diagnostic interpretation adheres to the latest clinical guidelines. Our goal is to ensure that patients receive the most up-to-date, comprehensive and accurate results possible.

- Amy Turner, Director of Research and Development

Scientific Research

RPRD is accelerating personalized therapies of tomorrow through its long-term commitment to advancing PGx with scientific breakthroughs and innovations.

PGx Diagnostic Solutions

RPRD’s experience in precision medicine and its CLIA-certified laboratory offer a wide range of PGx diagnostic services to meet your unique needs.