Right Patient. Right Drug.

THE RESPONSE of an individual to a drug is variable and often complicates treatment choices. For many indications, selection of a particular drug from multiple classes of drugs that are available is challenging. Even when certain genetic factors are known to influence drug efficacy or safety, patient genotyping is used infrequently due the high cost of tests. 

OUR SOLUTION is to offer healthcare providers access to a low cost, comprehensive pharmacogenomic testing service built upon state-of-the-art analysis and informatics platforms. By applying our precision medicine platform toward clinical decision making, we aim to improve therapeutic outcomes, increase patient satisfaction, and lower overall healthcare costs.

Comprehensive pharmacogenetics.

Our genotyping service analyzes thousands of gene variants at a price that rivals single-gene tests.

tailored solutions.

Our team offers unique expertise for development of custom genotyping panels and novel-variant tests.